What does it mean to be China Ready?

The Opportunity As I have described previously, Oxford University Museums runs an annual innovation fund to which staff can apply for seed funding to support collaborative projects across the collections, and R&D activities that allowing us to test new ways of working and engaging audiences. For the 2106-17 round a small group of us have been workin on a project […]

Museum Access for Blind & Partially Sighted Visitors

We have been fortunate to get a grant from the University of Oxford’s IT Innovation Fund for a project to look at developing new digital tools to improve access, especially to visual arts, for blind and partially sighted visitors to the museums. We’ll be running an 18 month R&D project starting now (September 2016) and working […]

The Long View – Futures Event

One of the great things about working for Oxford University are the professional development opportunities: the university has a number of excellent training programmes and really encourages participation in conferences and the like. More specifically, one of the activities of the Museums Partnership Team is running the museums’ professional development and knowledge exchange programme. As […]