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Australian Abroad, Freelance Writer, Formada de Capoeira, Surfer, and Yogi! Also passionate about good TV, ancient history and religions, and Wicca and the Occult. I’m a digital nomad currently based in Brazil.

Professional Background and Experience

I have a Honours degree from the University of Queensland (Australia) in History and Archaeology, and two Masters degrees (MPhil and MLitt) from the University of Oxford in Ancient History with a specialism in Roman religion and imperial cult. You can find my theses on

I later worked at the Oxford University Museums, first in the Partnership Office, helping to coordinate collaborate projects and activities between the four museums in the network, and later as the Digital Partnership Manager, to coordinate digital projects for the museums. You can find details of some of the specific projects I worked on listed on my LinkedIn Profile.

I started working as a freelance writer in 2018 when I decided to move to Brazil to pursue one of my other passions, Capoeira. This is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines combat, dance, music and cultural expression. I am now a Formada de Capoeira as part of the group NAIECO, for which I teach and perform. I am also the co-owner of the Caixa do Picole da Bahia, a cultural space in Salvador that promotes Capoeira locally and internationally.

I am fluent in my native English and Portuguese and do some translation work. For example, I did the English subtitles for the film Mestre Eziquiel: O Regional mais Angoleiro.

Over the last five years I have gained extensive freelance experience writing for the web (including as a ghostwriter). Below are some examples of my favourite projects!

VKNG Jewelry

I have happily worked with the brand VKNG Jewelry for a number of years helping the French company share their high-quality Viking-inspired jewelry to an English speaking audience. As well as producing their blog on Norse mythology and Viking history, I provide product descriptions for their store and support their email marketing campaign.

History and Culture

More recently I have begun contributing to to help bring fascinating and insightful stories to life. I mostly write about history topics including Romans, Vikings, and early American history.


I write for a number of travel websites, mostly as a ghost writer for lifestyle travelers and digital nomads with strong SEO driven sites. I have recently started contributing as a regular author to Pilot Plans, which is buildings it encylopedia of travel articles to support their travel planning application.

I contribute to a number of sites that aim to support travelers, especially digital nomads. I mainly write guides to available visas and advice on how to apply, as well as advice and lifestyle articles for digital nomads.

Pop Culture and Entertainment

I have been working with Hopnetic for a number of years on their entertainment focused sites that aim to help fans find quality and detailed content about their favourite movies and TV shows online. I have contributed to FantasyTopics as well as a number of other sites and will be starting a new project with the company soon!

I used to be a regular contributor to, creating entertainment focussed listicles to help people find new and interesting things to watch.

New Age and the Occult

I have been interested in the mystical and the occult since I was a young teenager, and have had the opportunity to use this passion in the professional sphere. I am a contributor for both and, where I write about astrology, angel numbers, numerology, and tarot. I have also recently started contributing to Arcane Trail to help drive interest in the brand.

Altar Gods

Building on my interest in ancient religions and the occult, I have also recently started creating my own website dedicated to pagan gods, rites and rituals, and a growing range of occult topics. The website Altar Gods is very much a new work in progress, but I am enjoying the experiene of managing every aspect of the site from design, to content, to SEO.

SEO Tailored Content

I also work as a writer for Top Level Content, which specializes in helping businesses with SEO optimized blog marketing. I am a blog writer for a range of clients that aim to drive traffic through search.

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