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I have been working as a Freelance writer since March 2018. I switched to Freelancing after a career producing content for museums when I moved to Brazil to follow my passions.

See my LinkedIn Profile here.

I write on a variety of different topics for a variety of different clients, sometimes under my own name, and sometimes as a ghsot writer. To get a taste for the types of things I write about and my style, check out the examples below.


With a Masters in History from the University of Oxford, and a long career working in museums, unsurprisingly, History is one of my favourite topics to write about!

I write regular blog posts and emails on Viking history and mythology for a V.K.N.G., a company that produces and sells Viking inspired jewelry. The blog is located here.

Among other things, I’ve written about:

I have also produced history related content for university courses. I have particular expertise in Roman History, Classical Greece, Celtic Britain and Ancient Egypt.


I am fortunate enought to have had the opportunity to travel a lot. I have visited every continent in the world more than once – except Antartica, but who knows, one day.

I have chosen to produce quite a bit of travel content for my own blog in order to help fellow explorers, and do quite a bit of ghost writing for other travel blogs. Check out some of the city guides I have created for Lisbon, Edinburgh, Stockholm, Buenos Aires, and Melbourne.


As a teenager and young adult in Australia my part-time job was working at Blockbuster Video. To say I knew my movies would be an understatement. I had a Jeaopardy-style instinct for knowing exactly what movie the csutomer was looking for. I have been able to put my passion for good entertainment to use working with to help people find the right film, or just learn something amazing and new. Check out all my posts of here.

Sports and the Great Outdoors

I’m a pretty active person – anyone who has picked up on obsession with Capoeira will have picked up on this already – and I love getting out into nature and exploring. This experience has given me the opportunity to work with clients to produce content about things such as camping, trekking, cycling and keeping fit in general.

Animals and Pets

I have always been an animal lover, growing up with cats, dogs, birds, fish and even a turtle, so this was another passion I was happy to put to good use, producing guides to help animal lovers take better care of their furry friends.

I write a variety of how to guides and product reviews for websites targetted at animal lovers such as Friendly Claws and Totally Goldens. You can check out some of my articles (ghost written) below.

New Age

I have been interested in the mystical and the occult since I was a young teenager, so when I was able to make contact with some clients looking for content on topics such as Tarot, Astrology and Numerology, I jumped at the opportunity. We have now been working together for over a year.

I write a variety of guests posts, both under my own name and as a ghost writer, on a number of different new age topics. I also provide regular content for

Company Information

I have also worked with a variety of companies working to grow their base to produce engaging content to for their website. This means SEO optimisation for visibility, and clear and concise information to capture the customer.

Product Reviews

Often what my clients are looking for is product reviews to provide the readers make informed choices about where to invest their hard earned cash.


Before I became a freelance writer, I worked in museums for ten years, managing digital projects and developing digital experiences for visitors. Examples of some of the project I worked on include:

  • Multisensory Access – developing digital tools to improve access for blind and partially sighted visitors
  • Interactive Sketchbooks – digital annotated sketchbooks to support GCSE Art & Design visits
  • GLAM Website – developing new website for the division using the Oxford Mosaic platform
  • GLAM IP Policy – a new shared policy for the division
  • Mapping Visitor Pathways – Presence Analytics pilot to track visitor pathways through museum spaces
  • Hidden Museum – R&D Project to develop Pocket Curator, a new app for the Museum of the History of Science which gives visitors the opportunity to try some of the scientific instruments on display with their mobile device as surrogate
  • Oxford University Museums Public Wi-Fi – introducing free public Wi-Fi across the four Oxford University Museums

I also produced a lot of content for the websites Oxford University Museums Partneship and Oxford University Gardens, Libraries and Museums. Get a taste for some of my articles below.

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