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A First Birthday

This weekend I went to a first birthday party here in Brazil. I haven’t been to any children’s birthday parties for many years, so I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but I have to say that it was one of the most elaborate birthday festivities that I have attended.


The entire party was themed around the Brazil team and the football world cup – every cake, every decoration, everything. The birthday boy was wearing an adorable tiny Brazil t-shirt with his name of the back, while his dad was wearing a larger version of the same search with ‘Pai de XXX’ on the back, and his cousin ‘Sobrinho de XXX’ and so forth. Most of the guests had made the effort and were in Brazilian gold. Sadly I was not as I didn’t know about the theme. If I had I may have been tempted to wear Australian gold and see how long it took for people to notice.

Unsurprisingly the event was very child focused, and there were lots of children there, but this isn’t very surprising as I find that Brazilians often take their kids with them when they go out, even if it isn’t a child oriented event. I’ve been at outdoor music shows where there are still four year olds running around at midnight while their parents enjoy the show. Anyway, this was properly child oriented. There were trampolines (which I was super sad I wasn’t allowed to use), a child entertainer doing body painting (not face painting), making balloon ‘animals’ (there weren’t many animals, more swords and crowns) and playing games with the kids, and most of the music were kids songs. Also there was no alcohol, which I was told was normal for a kids party. This meant that just outside there was a parallel ‘party’, ie. a space where adults when out to grab a beer. I imagine that this is normal for children’s parties as well.

The party was full catered. Servers brought around a large variety of salgados, a traditional Brazilian food, and little chocolates as well.


As well as this, there were party favours for everyone to take away, again all based on the theme.

One child’s hoard of party favours


I thought that party was very elaborate for a one year old and wondered what they would do next year. I was told that in Bahia the first birthday is always the most elaborate, and is the first that the child will have, and in later years they don’t do such big parties. I guess that kind of makes sense, though I might be a bit sad that I’ll be too young to remember the best party that I ever had!

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