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Bound in Buenos Aires

Due to a visa mishap which required me to get new papers sent to me from Australia and the UK and to deal with an awful lot of red tape, … Continue reading

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A First Birthday

This weekend I went to a first birthday party here in Brazil. I haven’t been to any children’s birthday parties for many years, so I wasn’t really sure what to … Continue reading

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Churrasco – Brazilian BBQ

Spoiler alert – yes they overcook their meat by European standards. Brazilian BBQ, known here as Churrasco, as far as I have experienced it here in Bahia has been pretty … Continue reading

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Extending a Brazilian Tourist Visa

I am currently living in Brazil on a three month tourist visa, and my intention has always been to extend my visa for another three months to enjoy even more … Continue reading

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Campo de Mandinga

One of the amazing things about living in Brasil is the amount of capoeira there is to play! To be fair, in London you can probably find a capoeira class … Continue reading

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Museum of Science and Technology – Porto Alegre

In Autumn 2017, with colleagues from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History, I visited the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUCRS), on a knowledge exchange visit. … Continue reading

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Museu de Arte do Rio

In October 2017 I was fortunate to visit the Museu de Arte do Rio with some of my colleagues from the museums in Oxford as we explored museums in other parts … Continue reading

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